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Long Game Consulting

Our Approach

Long Game consultants use a collaborative approach to guide you and your team through strategic processes that address your business needs while providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain a sustainable and profitable business model. 

Our Services

✓ Strategic Planning


✓ Unit-Based Financial Modeling

✓ Valuation Analysis

✓ Stakeholder Alignment

✓ Organizational Health Assessment

✓ Organizational Design

✓ Root Cause Analysis 

✓ Process & Program Optimization 

✓ Partnership Evaluation 

✓ Nonprofit Board Development 

✓ Organizational Alignment

✓ Mission, Vision & Values Refresh

✓ Governance - Standards of Excellence

✓ Consensus-Building Workshops 

✓ Community Outreach Planning 

✓ Team Building

✓ Executive Coaching 

✓ Other Strategic Consulting Services

Please contact us at for more information about our services.

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